Give Today!

Will you consider a gift to UCR ARTS this year? Every gift makes a difference and allows us to fulfill our mission to advance the understanding and appreciation of the arts through extraordinary experiences in contemporary visual and performing art, photography and photographic technologies, past and present.

UCR ARTS offers K-12 students hands-on experiences in photography and contemporary art with visiting artists and educators, at UCR ARTS, in the classroom and virtually. Educators and artists engage families through programs and workshops designed to bring the family together through the arts.

How Far Your Dollar Goes

$25 – UCR ARTS for Kids Toolkit – packet with art supplies, lesson plans, and activities for one child.

$50 – UCR ARTS for Kids Toolkit and a virtual art class registration for one child and parent or teacher.

$75 – In-person or virtual interactive tour of a photography and/or contemporary art exhibition that aligns with common core standards for one class of up to 30 students.

$100 – Family First Sunday in-person or virtual program with storytelling and at-home art activities.

$350 – Development of a new virtual UCR ARTS for Kids video, lesson plan, or activity.

$500 – UCR ARTS for Kids Toolkit, virtual art class, and virtual tour of photography and contemporary art for one class of up to 30 students.

$1,000 – Multi-week, in-depth virtual or in-person workshop for up to 30 middle or high-school students, or UCR ARTS for Kids Toolkits, lesson plans, and activities for 100 elementary school students.

Thank you for committing to the Museum and Culver Center and our mission to serve our community and region! Donate today!

Gifts of Stock
Giving appreciated securities, such as stocks and mutual funds, is a wonderful way to make your gift in support of the Museum and Culver Center. For more information, contact Eveleen Samayoa at 951-312-4694 or at

Matching Gifts
Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Speak with your employer to see if your company matches gifts. If eligible, request matching gift paperwork from your employer, and send the completed information along with your gift — UCR ARTS will do the rest.

Thank you for committing to our mission to serve our community and region! Donate today!