Ansel Adams, Deep Canyon Desert Research Station (UCR) on and about rim second lookout, 1965, Gelatin silver film negative, Sweeney/Rubin Ansel Adams Fiat Lux.

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Turn this monochromatic photograph by artist Ansel Adams into a colorful landscape scene! Imagine a specific time of day (glowing sunset? bright daylight?) and the colors of the desert plants. Be sure to tag UCR ARTS if you post your finished coloring sheet on social media!

This photograph depicts what is now known as the Boyd Deep Canyon Desert Research Center which is a University of California, Riverside reserve and is one of the oldest UC reserves. The photograph was taken in 1965 by Adams when he was documenting the entire University of California system and was also the same year that the research center was founded.

All the negatives in the Sweeney/Rubin Ansel Adams Fiat Lux Collection are archived at the California Museum of Photography. You can learn more about it and browse the photographs in our emuseum.