Thursday, August 20
4-5pm PST
Virtual Event

Join us to hear from Douglas McCulloh, Senior Curator at California Museum of Photography, and artists Norma I. Quintana, Samantha Fields, and Noah Berger from the Facing Fire exhibition at UCR ARTS in a panel discussion around art, photography, and wildfire.

About the Facing Fire exhibition:

Fire as omen and elemental force, as metaphor and searing personal experience — these are the subjects explored by the artists of Facing Fire. California’s diverse ecologies are fire-prone, fire-adapted, even fire-dependent. In the past two decades, however, West Coast wildfires have exploded in scale and severity. There is a powerful consensus that we have entered a new era. The artists of Facing Fire bring us incendiary work from active fire lines and psychic burn zones. They face fire, sift its aftermath, and struggle with the implications.

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